what's the difference between *.dll and *.pyd if both of them are extended python module?

wen wenming_hu2002 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 23 09:09:37 EDT 2005

i have written python extend module by c/c++, but i saw a module of a
software(pyMOL, you can get it from http://pymol.sourceforge.net/) called
_cmd.pyd instead of _cmd.dll. and it is written by c/c++ also, the author
use makefile to compile it into _cmd.pyd. i have some question about it:
1. what's the difference between them? i saw the code is same as common c++
extended python module, can i use microsoft visual C++ to create a dll
project for compiling it as _cmd.dll?
2. i have never written a module with extension *.pyd, how to make a *.pyd?
and, i doubt, how the author debug the _cmd.pyd, only by Makefile?
3. i have a common problem about writting a extend module by c/c++, i often
use msvc to write it, but i only can invoke release dll, not debug dll, even
i use command like this: python_d test.py, in which case, test.py import
test.dll, and invoke test.hello() api. why? anybody has nice way to debug
it? thank you.

any help would be appreciated.

with my best regards,

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