Does FTPLIB have a 'local change directory' ?

python newbie quantumcheesedog at
Sun Aug 7 03:28:31 CEST 2005

Hi, first I wanted to say that:

 I have finally been able to ftp a file in my python app -  however, it 
works like this:

 When you use storbinary and hand it a full path 
 it will find the file on your hard drive, and
then upload the file,  but on the ftp server, it literally names the file:


I'd like to be able to first

  ftplib.lcd( "c:\myfiles\morefiles"  )

 and then just

    storbinary( picture.gif .. ).

But the python doc doesn't show any LCD.

Or am I going to have to be satisfied with having to just use a rename on 
the server,
after uploading the file?



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