Dabo in 30 seconds?

Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Mon Aug 1 08:39:09 EDT 2005

Ed Leafe wrote:

>  Should we have defensive code for every possible broken installation? We
>  use
> a lot of the Python standard library modules, many dbapi-compliant
> modules, and, of course, wxPython. If someone mis-installs one of the
> pre-requisites, do you expect Dabo to catch that and present you with a
> diagnostic message? I'm serious here: I want to know what people consider
> acceptable for a software package that relies on other packages.

If it doesn't interfere with my other custom options, catching unsatisfied
requisites is interesting.

But a helpful stack trace is enough for the developer.  Just be sure to say
that it was "this" or "that" requisite that generated the problem and
that's it.  Giving some references on how to fix the problem is a plus.

But if you're going to check everything, you'll end up checking the whole
system at each and every run -- because I might have added / removed
packages since I installed Dabo -- what would give a big performance

Jorge Godoy      <godoy at ieee.org>

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