pythonXX.dll size: please split CJK codecs out

Ron Adam rrr at
Mon Aug 22 00:51:04 CEST 2005

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Ron Adam wrote:
>>I would put the starting minimum boundary as:
>>   1. "The minimum required to start the python interpreter with no
>>additional required files."
>>Currently python 2.4 (on windows) does not yet meet that guideline, so
>>it seems some modules still need to be added while other modules, (I
>>haven't checked which), are probably not needed to meet that guideline.
> I'm not sure, either, but I *think* python24 won't load any .pyd file
> on interactive startup.
>>This could be extended to:
>>   2. "The minimum required to run an agreed upon set of simple Python
>>I expect there may be a lot of differing opinions on just what those
>>minimum Python programs should be.  But that is where the PEP process
>>comes in.
> As I mentioned earlier, there also should be a negative list: modules
> that depend on external libraries should not be incorporated into
> python24.dll. 

This fits under the above, rule #1, of not needing additional files.

Most notably, this rules out zlib.pyd, _bsddb.pyd,
> and _ssl.pyd, all of which people may consider to be useful into these
> simple programs.

I would not consider those as being part of "simple" programs.  But 
that's only an opinion and we need something more objective than opinion.

Now that I think of it.. Rule 2 above should be...

     2. "The minimum (modules) required to run an agreed upon set of 
"common simple" programs.

Frequency of use is also an important consideration.

Maybe there's a way to classify a programs complexity based on a set of 

So...  program simplicity could consider:

     1.  Complete program is a single .py file.
     2.  Not larger than 'n' lines.  (some reasonable limit)
     3.  Limited number of import statements.
             (less than 'n' modules imported)
     4.  Uses only stdio and/or basic file operations for input
             and output. (runs in interactive console or command line.)

Then ranking the frequency of imported modules from this set of programs 
could give a good hint as to what might be included and those less 
frequently used that may be excluded.

Setting a pythonxx.dll minimum file size goal could further help.  For 
example if excluding modules result is less than the minimum goal, then 
a few extra more frequently used modules could be included as a bonus.

This is obviously a "practical beats purity" exercise. ;-)


> Regards,
> Martin

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