Python Light Revisted?

Berlin Brown berlin.brown at
Fri Aug 26 23:31:18 CEST 2005

"Let's suppose I decided to take your bait and build a python-lite
distribution (fyi, I'm not biting). "

Of course not, that is the point, everybody is always right.  What I
want is the option to distribute something to light my users.  I have
done with java, lisp and other languages.  But. I can't figure out the
best approach for Python.  And, with python being the only
implementation, that is another story?

I also don't want to use their messed up Python install that may or may
not work.  It is the microsoft registry issue, meaning; I don't like
the concept of one source for screws up.  If a user screws up their
Python install, and I submit an application to them and now my
application is screwed up, what can I do?  Control is a good thing.  I
was considering something light, mainly for the application only, user
clicks start and they are off.

"What about compatibility?  If someone installs the python-lite distro
downloads, let's say, Tailor, a version control converter.  What are
chances that it will croak with an ImportError?  Put another way, are
really willing to trade off a few megs of disk space against almost
breakage at some point in the near future?"

It wont get that complex.  Python-lite is designed for each
application.  It is lite so you won't lose that much diskspace.

"I can understand that distributions for some platforms (PalmOS, OS/2,
Jython) might contain fewer modules simply because not everything has
ported to them, but given the cost of disk space today I don't
why a distribution for a mainstream platform should be hobbled. "

I use jython works great, because I can distribute the light version.
The only thing that has to work is java and I distribute the
interpreter to all of my apps as the jython.jar library.

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