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>|I have several python apps (some wxPython, some plain text-mode
>| stuff) that I distribute internally for installation on Win32
>| machines.  They're bundled/installed using py2exe and inno
>| setup.
>| I followed what I think is the normal procedure of installing
>| each app in its own directory under /Program
>| Files/<vendor>/<app>.
>| The problem is that the apps only run if they're started with
>| the install directory as the current working directory.
>| Otherwise they can't find the .dll's they use from the install
>| directory.
> AFAIK, Windows normally *does* search the directory where the executable 
> module for the current process lives in for dlls. What sort of dlls are 
> given you trouble?

One's a "driver" for a CAN bus USB widget.  The other failure
that springs to mind is that gnuplot-py couldn't find something
(could have been an .exe) that was in the app directory.

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