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Fri Aug 19 23:52:07 CEST 2005

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>Peter Decker wrote:
>> Then start looking for telecommuting people. There are lots of us who
>> can use work and have excellent telecommuting references, but who
>> don't happen to live in a major metro area!
>And then there's some in the Bay Area who wouldn't mind telecommuting, 
>either ... :-)

We do a *lot* of telecommuting.  I'm working from home today, for
example, because I needed to deal with the plumber.  And we have two
people in Seattle out of seven fulltime people.  However, it's our
experience that people are more productive when they show up at the
office regularly -- the two Seattle people had lots of experience with
our product before they worked independently, and the two of them do
share an office.

(They work across the street from Elliott Bay Books, the bastards.)
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