Bicycle Repair Man usability

Rex Eastbourne rex.eastbourne at
Wed Aug 31 00:07:53 CEST 2005

Are there any Bicycle Repair Man users here? I recently got PyDev for
Eclipse, which comes with BRM. I am disappointed with what I've seen,
although I'm not sure if I'm using its full functionality. According to
PyDev's documentation, this is what one can do:

-Rename a function/variable
-Block of code --> method and a method call
-Get rid of extra variables by shifting them inline (e.g.:
a=1;b=2;c=a+b --> c=1+2)

I'm not aware of anything else that can be done, as BRM's documentation
is extremely thin. Is anyone else aware of other uses?

It's a shame this project is not active; it seems like such a great


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