The ONLY thing that prevents me from using Python

Chris Smith smitty_one_each at
Wed Aug 24 01:03:04 CEST 2005

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin  <816168 at> writes:

    Kevin> I have been using java (jsp/servlets), vb/asp and perl for
    Kevin> a few years.  Almost all my projects are web site
    Kevin> development related, and many of my clients' web sites are
    Kevin> hosted on those shared web hosting services.

    Kevin> The problem is that it's difficult to find hosting services
    Kevin> with Python installed and supported. And most hosting
    Kevin> companies are reluctant to install it for you because they
    Kevin> don't want to do the extra work(they would always say to
    Kevin> me, why don't you use php or java or asp or per?).  I have
    Kevin> searched and found some companies that support Python. But
    Kevin> still there are far few choices than other options.

    Kevin> I am sure this issue has already been raised a billion
    Kevin> times. I just feel very frustrated on this. I want to learn
    Kevin> and use Python in my web projects.

    Kevin> One day in last December I decided to learn Python, because
    Kevin> of Bruce Eckel's recommendation on his web site (I started
    Kevin> java with his book).  After writing a few scripts (each
    Kevin> with a hundred lines or less), I really liked Python, even
    Kevin> though at first to me, it has a very different style and
    Kevin> mindset from my accustomed java approach. I enjoyed the
    Kevin> experience and was ready to delve into the OO and other
    Kevin> aspect of Python.

    Kevin> But because of the hosting issue, I stopped and since then
    Kevin> have spent more time on php, and it seems that I would soon
    Kevin> become a full time PHPer now.

    Kevin> I really wish Python could be more widely available on web
    Kevin> server machines. This is just my own experience and I would
    Kevin> like to hear your comments.

Not to be a shill, but I'd be interested in testimonials on
I wonder if virtualization is the next killer app.
Certainly blows the WTF my ISP? question away...

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