up to date books?

Alessandro Bottoni alessandro.bottoni at infinito.it
Thu Aug 18 09:02:08 CEST 2005

John Salerno wrote:

> hi all. are there any recommendations for an intro book to python that
> is up-to-date for the latest version?

I do not know how much up-to-date they are but I have to suggest you these

- Learning Python
By Mark Lutz and David Ascher
published by O'Reilly
Most likely the best introductory book on Python

- Python Cookbook
By Alex Martelli and David Ascher
published by O'Reilly
By far the most useful book on Python after your first week of real use of
this language

Also, the fundamental
- Programming Python (the 2nd edition ONLY)
By Mark Lutz
published by O'Reilly
Is very useful for understanding the most inner details of Python

> would reading a book from a year or two ago cause me to miss much?

No. Python did not changed too much since rel. 1.5. You can still use a book
published in 2001 as a introductory book (as I do). The changes are
exhaustively described both in the official documentation and in the very
fine "what's new in..." articles written by Andrew Kuchlin for every new
release (see www.python.org).


Alessandro Bottoni

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