Replacement for keyword 'global' good idea? (e.g. 'modulescope' or 'module' better?)

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Aug 6 19:26:55 CEST 2005

Paolino wrote:
> seberino at wrote:
> def enclosing():
>   var=[]
>   var[0]=2
>   def enclosed():
>     var[0]=4
> which is like saying python is not working
> It's ok to mark non locals,but why var=4 is not searched outside and 
> var[0]=4 yes?

Because "var=4" rebinds the name "var", while "var[0]=4" does not.  It's 
exactly the same issue with using "global", where you don't need it if 
you aren't rebinding the name.

(Those who don't understand the difference between "rebinding a name" 
and "modifying an object" will need to figure out that distinction 
before they can participate much in a discussion about Python scopes, I 


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