build curiosities of svn head (on WinXP)

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Mon Dec 26 17:56:29 CET 2005

[David Murmann]
>> second, the build order in "pcbuild.sln" for elementtree seems to be
>> wrong, nant tried to build elementtree before pythoncore (which failed).
>> i fixed this by building elementtree separately.

[Steve Holden]
> Yes, the elementtree module is a new arrival for 3.5, so the build may
> not yet be perfectly specified. This is useful information.

I just checked in a fix for that.  Thanks!


>> ... and i could reproduce the expected failure (ATM) of the regression
>> test suite:

Note that all tests pass on Windows as of Sunday (in release and debug
builds, with and without -O).

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