PHP = Perl Improved

gene tani gene.tani at
Mon Dec 12 18:58:06 CET 2005

Tim Roberts wrote:
> "Xah Lee" <xah at> wrote:
> >recently i got a project that involves the use of php. In 2 days, i
> >read almost the entirety of the php doc. Finding it a breeze because it
> >is roughly based on Perl, of which i have mastery.
> >
> >i felt a sensation of neatness, as if php = Perl Improved, for a
> >dedicated job of server-side scripting.
> The design of the PHP language is not too bad, and the standard library is
> extensive.  It is quite possible to write well-structured, class-based web
> programs with PHP.
> However, it seems that almost no one actually does so.  Virtually all of
> the vast PHP code samples on the web are crap.  Maybe the simplicity of the
> language encourages inexperienced programmers who write spaghetti code
> without a thought to the structure; I don't know the exact cause, but I
> have seen it more often than not.
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agreed, once you explain MVC, it's pretty hard to argue against it.

Keeping from getting defaced is another matter.  About a year ago, this
page (or somethign very similar) was's *homepage*, I almost
fell over when i saw it.  Moral of hte story, don't use shared server.

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