libxml2 and mindom

Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Dec 22 00:53:33 CET 2005

ankit wrote:
> I checked for it and here are my comments on it:
> libxml2dom has Alpha release . So there may be some bugs in it. In our
> project we cant take risk to move back after deciding for one. Thanks
> for your reply.

Understood. I accept that there's some way to go before libxml2dom can
be considered mature.

> I checked some other options like libgdome2. Can you make some comments
> on that?

Sorry, but I've only investigated the libxml2 DOM libraries for other
languages in passing - I haven't actually used any of them.

> The reason for using minidom is its simplicity for traversing document
> tree.


> And also I want schema support in the package along with minidom
> support.
> Can you provide any other option(package) which would suffice this
> requirement.

Whilst lxml also wraps libxml2, that package doesn't expose a DOM API
as far as I know, although one was once proposed/discussed/partially
developed. Here's a link to that project:

> As far as I know no other package instead of libxml2 provides schema
> support.
> Am I right.

I think you'd be best served asking on the XML-SIG mailing list and
searching its archives. See here:


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