Which Python web framework is most like Ruby on Rails?

Luis M. Gonzalez luismgz at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 14:50:33 CET 2005

> Karrigell can also work with . . . all the databases for which a Python
> API exists (sqlite, mySql, PostGreSQL, ZODB, etc). </snip>

Well, that's exactly what makes KARRIGELL so especial.
It is very flexible and lets you use whatever database or component you
want. It doesn't force you to use an specific package for each task.
It doesn't force you either to learn and use any templating language
(you don't need it!), although you can do it if you want.

The traditional "Hello world" page, can be coded like this:

print "Hello World"

No boilerplate code, no need to write a class or to fidle with strange
It's simply python!
The only problem with KARRIGELL, I guess, is that its creator is very
humble and doesn't like to advertise his creature. He is not very fond
of "marketing" ...
This is too bad because I feel that other frameworks are getting a lot
of the attention that Karrigells deserve...


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