How to ping in Python?

Michael Schneider michaelschneider at
Wed Dec 7 17:03:09 CET 2005


I only ping internal machines.  You are right about shutting down ports.

When we disable telent, we also disable ping.  Many people may not though,

good luck,

Laszlo Zsolt Nagy wrote:

> Michael Schneider wrote:
>> I telnet to port 13 (returns time)
> The problem is that most modern up-to-date servers use firewalls. They 
> only open the ports that are absolutely necessary. Usually the time 
> service is part of inetd, which is disabled by default, on most of the 
> servers. PING ICMP may work, but sometimes it does not either. In the 
> worst case, all port are closed and you have no way to tell if there 
> is a computer or not.
> Can you tell more about what kind of server do you need to "ping"?
> Example: if you need to know if a web server is alive, you should 
> connect to port 80 (http). If the connection was successful, you can 
> close the connection immeditelly. You can expect a HTTP server to open 
> the HTTP port, but all other ports may be closed.
>   Les

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