How to execute an EXE via os.system() with spaces in the directory name?

sdb1031 at sdb1031 at
Sun Dec 4 04:16:10 CET 2005

I am trying to run an exe within a python script, but I'm having
trouble with spaces in the directory name.

The following example will display the usage statement of the program,
so I know that the space in the path to the exe is being handled
correctly and that the program was executed.

CMD= r'"C:\program files\some directory\engine\theexe.exe"'

But the required argument for the exe require a path to a file to be
specified.  When I try to run the following, os.system(CMD2)
CMD2= r'"C:\program files\some directory\engine\theexe.exe" "C:\program
files\some directory\engine\file.txt"'

I get this error:
Unable to open file C:\Program

So, it looks to me like the space in the path for the argument is
causing it to fail.  Does anyone have any suggestions that could help
me out?

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