Unable to install Python Imaging Library

peter.mosley at talk21.com peter.mosley at talk21.com
Tue Dec 20 09:39:01 CET 2005

Thanks for that reply.

I hadn't tried installing the Tcl and Tk development libraries -
because I had no idea these that these were necessary (or that they
even existed!).  My first attempt to do so was a total failure, as I
downloaded the RPM files from http://rpmfind.net, but immediately
entered a dependency hell.  My next attempt was a little more thought
out - I looked for the appropriate files on some Fedora Core 1
distribution discs, and to my surprise found them.  To my even greater
surprise, I could load these without problems and then the PIL install
ran smoothly.

So thanks to your hint I have got there. Much appreciated.


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