Redirecting both stdout and stderr to the same file

Kevin Yuan farproc at
Wed Dec 28 03:15:53 CET 2005

You should redirecte sys.stderr if you want to log error message.

   saveout = sys.stdout
   saveerr = sys.stderr
   fsock = open('runtime.log', 'w')
   sys.stdout = sys.stderr = fsock

2005/12/28, Randy Kreuziger <KREUZRSK at>:
> Can stdout and stderr be redirected to the same file?  I would like to
> redirect both to the same file but I'm not sure how to do it.  Currenting
> I'm redirectiong stdout using the following code:
>    saveout = sys.stdout
>    fsock = open('runtime.log', 'w')
>    sys.stdout = fsock
> The problem is that when en error occurs that my program was not written
> to handle that error message is being sent to the cmd window and not my log
> file.  My program may simply need to be more robust however I'm still a
> python novice.
> Thanks
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