[EVALUATION] - E04 - Leadership! Google, Guido van Rossum, PSF

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Thu Dec 29 16:08:16 CET 2005

Martin P. Hellwig wrote:
> Ilias Lazaridis wrote:
>> Martin P. Hellwig wrote:
>>> Ilias Lazaridis wrote:
>>> <cut>
>>> I'm suspecting that we have different definitions (or at least the 
>>> implications of that) of used terms.
>>> I think it's important to first define these definition in a form 
>>> acceptable to both of us.
>>> In the link you gave, the title was "Efficiency Management".
>>> Now I believe that in _most_ implementations the words in the titles 
>>> are mutual exclusive. So my first question is, please define 
>>> "Efficiency" my second one is, please define "Management".
>> "
>>     *  The terminology is not yet aligned to commonly used business or 
>> standards organisation terminology [like e.g. ISO].
>>     * This will happen after the process definition has finalized.
>> "
>> source: http://lazaridis.com/efficiency/process.html (V 0.8c - alpha)
>> -
>> I am a few steps from having the final diagramms ready, then I can 
>> align the terminology (e.g. asking for feedback, thus people can 
>> detect existent constructs and suggest terminology changes)
>> I'll send you an email with some details (thus we don't discuss this 
>> off-topic in public).
>> .
>  > Ilias Lazaridis wrote in email:
>  > Hi,
>  >
>  > just point me to a website you are related to (your personal one, 
>  > your business one, ...) and I'll initialize the process, as defined in 
>  > the draft-document:
>  >
>  > http://lazaridis.com/efficiency/textual.html
>  >
>  > -
>  >
>  > What I need at this point:
>  >
>  > - Website adress
>  > - your requirements & constraints for my processing
> Hey,
> I respond on your "private" mail and list in one and to both, I don't 
> regard this as off-topic because it is still in regard of your OP, 
> although that post can be seen as a bait to go OT.

You should not reproduce private conversation on public media.

> I didn't ask you for making an analyze, I asked you for your definitions 
> because I think they are not the same as used in my contexts.

Making an small analysis can assist you to understand the terminology 
(and me to align the terminology). You are free to reject this.

As I am free to terminate the discussion here.

Feel free to contact me with private email (after a few hours).

Thank you.



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