Is there no compression support for large sized strings in Python?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Dec 1 16:42:08 CET 2005

Christophe wrote:

> > Did you consider the mmap library?
> > Perhaps it is possible to avoid to hold these big stings in memory.
> > BTW: AFAIK it is not possible in 32bit windows for an ordinary programm
> > to allocate more than 2 GB. That restriction comes from the jurrasic
> > MIPS-Processors, that reserved the upper 2 GB for the OS.
> As a matter of fact, it's Windows which reserved the upper 2 GB. There a
> simple setting to change that value so that you have 3 GB available and
> another setting which can even go as far as 3.5 GB available per process.

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