Application Portability?

greg.kujawa at greg.kujawa at
Thu Dec 29 21:38:22 CET 2005

I have a CRM application that I've written in Ruby that currently runs
on Win32 clients as well as Linux ARM clients (Sharp Zaurus PDA's). The
application uses Qt for its GUI presentation and XMLRPC calls to
push/pull contact data back and forth. It suits my purposes, but I am
looking to port it to other platforms, such as Windows Mobile and Palm

Getting Ruby compiled for the Palm OS is out of the question, and
getting Ruby to compile for Windows Mobile has hit many roadblocks. I
have tried looking at some Smalltalk implementations to accomplish
this, as I am willing to recode my app in another OO language if I can
definitely port it over to Windows Mobile and Palm OS. But even the
Smalltalk scenario would force me to recode the Smalltalk source itself
since one implementation wouldn't port between both platforms.

How about Python? Could I code the application once in Python and then
port it to both PDA platforms easily? Or is this a pipe dream? I don't
know much about Python yet, but would start picking it up if it could
fit the bill...

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