python24.dll and encodings ?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Thu Dec 8 10:12:20 CET 2005

Bugs wrote:
> I believe I read in a relatively recent thread that the reason 
> python24.dll is so large compared to previous releases is that all the 
> language encodings are linked into the library?

Not only that (but also). In addition, it also contains modules that
were previously implemented as separate .pyd files (_csv, _sre,
_symtable, _winreg, datetime, mmap, parser).

> Are there any plans for future releases to split the encodings out so 
> that, for example, if someone wanted to make a smaller executable using 
> py2exe without all the language encodings, they could do so?

I previously said that I would do such a thing if somebody provided a
specification other than "split out the encodings". I.e. write a PEP
that specifies how to determine whether an extension module should be
included into pythonxy.dll, and when it should not; this specification
should allow to reason about modules that haven't yet been contributed.

The PEP should be accompanied with an implementation, i.e. a set of
patches to PCbuild.

Then, the patch should be discussed, and find support in the community.

> I suppose one could always compile their own version of the python24.dll 
> but for those of us that are compiler-challanged, splitting out the 
> encodings would be nice.
> Is that even feasible?

Technically, yes. However, somebody needs to take the lead.


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