Is there no compression support for large sized strings in Python?

jepler at jepler at
Thu Dec 1 14:36:59 CET 2005

On this system (Linux 2.6.x, AMD64, 2 GB RAM, python2.4) I am able to
construct a 1 GB string by repetition, as well as compress a 512MB
string with gzip in one gulp.

    $ cat 
    s = '1234567890'*(1048576*50)

    import zlib
    c = zlib.compress(s)
    print len(c)
    open("/tmp/claudio.gz", "wb").write(c)

    $ python 

    $ python -c 'print len("m" * (1048576*1024))'

I was also able to create a 1GB string on a different system (Linux 2.4.x,
32-bit Dual Intel Xeon, 8GB RAM, python 2.2).

    $ python -c 'print len("m" * 1024*1024*1024)'

I agree with another poster that you may be hitting Windows limitations rather
than Python ones, but I am certainly not familiar with the details of Windows
memory allocation.

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