any Adobe Reader like apps written in python, for examination?

Alex Gittens swiftset at
Wed Dec 28 06:11:21 CET 2005

Yeah, pygame is not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a good
example of cross platform non-trivial page-layout and font handling.
The project I'm working on-- a typographically correct interface to a
CAS-- requires pixel-perfect font handling.

 I'll definitely look into Grail: I'm sure as a browser it has to
address these problems. But I'm open to further suggestions.


On 12/26/05, garabik-news-2005-05 at
<garabik-news-2005-05 at> wrote:
> Alex Gittens <swiftset at> wrote:
> > Is anyone aware of any applications that handle font and graphics
> > display--- something like Adobe Reader--- that are written in Python,
> > and the code is available for examination? It doesn't matter what GUI
> > toolkit is used.
> >
> Grail comes to my mind immediately, it is however rather dated.
> Otherwise, displaying simple graphics and text in pygame is trivial -
> but it is not the right way if you need a GUI.
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