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> On 2 Dec 2005 10:08:21 -0800 in comp.lang.python, JohnBMudd at
> wrote:
> >Here it is again...  Python bypassed/discounted because, of all things,
> >scoping by indentation!?!?
> >
> >This used to surprise me.  Until I hear more and more otherwise
> >reasonable programmers list this as their number one reason for
> >shunning Python.
> >
> >I gauge design defects by how much after market
> >discussion/documentation a feature generates/requires.   Scoping by
> >indentation is a whopper of a defect.
> FWIW, indentation scoping one one of the features that _attracted_ me
> to Python.

Me too.  Or rather, Python code is much more readable because every 
nincompoop has to use indentation correctly whether they want to or not, 
and I like readable code.
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