Documentation suggestions

skip at skip at
Thu Dec 8 00:53:52 CET 2005

    Ian> I think the point is that there is the core language, and from a
    Ian> user's perspective builtins and statements and syntax are all the
    Ian> same thing.  When you import a module, it's more-or-less obvious
    Ian> where you find information about the module (the module index, of
    Ian> course).  

I suspect I'd have a harder time living without the sys module than with
many of the builtins.  Then there's os, re, math, ...  Some modules, like
thread and sys, have to be linked into the interpreter.  Are they "core" or
"add on"?  Once you start migrating stuff from the "add on" manual (Library
Reference) to the "core" manual (Language Reference), where do you stop?


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