ANN: (Different) Try Python Beta

Devan L devlai at
Thu Dec 29 04:53:42 CET 2005

Steve Holden wrote:
> Devan L wrote:
[what I said]
> At first I thought 'the cgitb TypeError message from "import os" is
> impressively drastic :-)'. Then I realised in a later session that
> "import os" only gave an error message after I'd run "import this".
> Thereafter, unfortunately, almost any input - legal or not - appears to
> result in a cgitb trace.

Try reloading the page, otherwise it will use the old session id. It
likes to break one step input after the offending action. It will also
screw up the state of the session. Incidentally, import this doesn't
seem to work, either. But importing is broken in general anyways, so I
wouldn't recommend using it.

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