Bitching about the documentation...

Tony Meyer t-meyer at
Mon Dec 5 08:24:31 CET 2005

> But, the standard responce of "don't complain, fix it yourself" is
> bogus too.  There are plenty of people on this list willing to sing  
> python's
> praises, for balance, there should be people willing to openly  
> point out
> python's flaws.

This makes no sense.  If you want to complain about Python, try a  
Perl list.  Why would a list dedicated to discussion about/help with  
a language need complaints about the language?

You might want to consider the difference between complaining and  
constructive criticism and suggestions, and which are likely to get  
better responses.

> Documentation is certainly one of them.

FWIW, I have found Python's documentation to generally be excellent.

> And I was correcting a posting that explicitly said there was  
> exceptionaly
> good information in that Howto.  That was just plain wrong.

It is exceptionally good information.  The version that was at that  
link is somewhat dated (but still excellent for anyone using older  
versions of Python, or for those that need to remain compatible with  
older versions, and there are a lot of those people around), but the  
updated version is also excellent.  I'm sure amk will either update  
his page to point to the new one or update the content at some point.

The point is that you're much more likely to improve things if you  
politely point out a problem and suggest a solution than simply make  
a complaint.


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