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Sat Dec 3 20:19:45 CET 2005

. I could actually touch-type on the psion (a genuine [/]pocket computer!)
but I was looking forward to eventually writing a key mapper
(new key layouts are always an aggravation)
. my plans were snipped in the bud however,
because I got cheap and tried to sneak around the warranty with a universal
ac adaptor;
I didn't check the voltage myself with a meter,
and found out the hard way that it was putting out twice the expected
. apparently a lot of other people were making mistakes like that,
because shortly after psion arrived from the uk,
they dropped customer service for the usa
-- except the corporate acct's,
where they could deal with professional IT staff who didn't need their nose
wiped !

On 11/26/05, Ten <runlevelten at> wrote:
> I use an old epocpython on a Psion Revo Plus for jotting down python
> concepts
> and testing out ideas, and I wouldn't be without it - especially because
> the
> Revo keyboard is usable in a way touchscreens aren't for me.
> It's not the most extensive python installation, and it won't stand much
> earthshifting (it doesn't include some modules, like tkinter) but it's a
> hell
> of a lot of portable python considering the fact you can pick one up for
> around 10 to 20 squids on ebay.
> Better keyboard than a pda, portable python for next to nothing.
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