Which Python web framework is most like Ruby on Rails?

Alex Martelli aleax at mail.comcast.net
Wed Dec 14 06:51:10 CET 2005

gene tani <gene.tani at gmail.com> wrote:
> the slashdot (200+k lines of perl).  What i suggested to a friend who
> recently asked the same thing is to pull up tags like "rails python" in
> del.icious, furl and digg, see what other people like.  That's a pretty
> good way to measure buzz, actually.  (My friend chose PHP, even tho i

Alternatively, counting Google hits:

rails python django             112,000
rails python subway              81,600
rails python turbogears  32,000

This isn't exactly "buzz", of course, but it's SOME measure of "critical
mass" -- and with django about equal to subway+turbogears, it does not
appear to show any emerging dominance.  A significant measure of "buzz"
might be obtained by redoing the same search in, say, two weeks, and
noticing the deltas...


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