how to put form and display its result(data from database) on the same window?

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Sat Dec 10 09:11:25 CET 2005

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:

>lli at wrote:
>> I have designed a web application. In its one window I put a form. User
>> can click submit button of this form to run a pathon script to get data
>> from database. Then User get a new window which display the result. Now
>> I want to put the form and display data on the same window. How I can
>> do this?
>The most modern approach to this, and one which appears to be evolving 
>into a defacto standard, is AJAX (see 
>and others).
>It's a non-trivial solution to your problem, however, at least in terms 
>of the learning curve involved.

It's also a serious case of overkill for the rather simple problem he
presented.  All he needs is one function to create the form, and one
function to create the results, and do:

  def PresentTable():
    if i_have_received_data:
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