XML and namespaces

Alan Kennedy alanmk at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 6 16:26:53 CET 2005

[Fredrik Lundh]
> but isn't libxml2dom just a binding for libxml2?  as I mention above, I had libxml2
> in mind when I wrote "widely used", not the libxml2dom binding itself.

No, libxml2dom is Paul Boddie's DOM API compatibility layer on top of 
the cpython bindings for libxml2. From the CheeseShop page

The libxml2dom package provides a traditional DOM wrapper around the 
Python bindings for libxml2. In contrast to the libxml2 bindings, 
libxml2dom provides an API reminiscent of minidom, pxdom and other 
Python-based and Python-related XML toolkits.


[Alan Kennedy]
>>Will you accept Apache Xerces 2 for Java as a widely used DOM

[Fredrik Lundh]
> sure.
> but libxml2 is also widely used, so we have at least two ways to interpret the spec.

Don't confuse libxml2dom with libxml2.

As I showed with a code snippet in a previous message, libxml2dom has 
significant defects in relation to serialisation of namespaced 
documents, whereby the serialised documents it produces aren't even 
well-formed xml.

Perhaps you can show a code snippet in libxml2 that illustrates the 
behaviour you describe?

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