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Antoon Pardon apardon at
Wed Dec 7 09:06:32 CET 2005

Op 2005-12-06, Ben Sizer schreef <kylotan at>:
> JohnBMudd at wrote:
>> >  Just because a few people dislike something,
>> > doesn't make it a defect.
>> Actually, it does.
> Whose definition of defect are we using? And how small a sample
> population are we going to require in order to find a 'something' which
> less than 'a few' people dislike?
>> Where it will cut down is the
>> otherwise unending debate over the issue.  Documentation is not just
>> what you find on a single web page.
> It will cut down debate but it would make the language more complex and
> less consistent. I don't think that's a price worth paying.
>> And it might help bring Python into the mainstream.
> I'd much rather educate the mainstream to be able to see the benefits
> of this method, than drag Python down to meet them.
>> > ...things should be self-documenting and obvious.
>> > You simply can't do that with programming languages.
>> Maybe not completely.  Trust me though, we can do better.
> Of course. However I would argue that indented scope is one way of
> doing so. Scope is instantly visible, and no longer a game of 'hunt the
> punctuation character, which is in a different place depending on the
> coder's style'.

There are situations in which indentation is not that visible.

The problem is that situations arise where your code can't be
read continuously. e.g. it can be spread over pages in a book.
It isn't always clear whether the code on the new space is
equally idented as the code on the previous space.

Other situations arise where indentation alone isn't a clear
indication of how many scopes are left.

Antoon Pardon

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