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A.M. Kuchling amk at
Thu Dec 8 16:48:06 CET 2005

On Wed, 07 Dec 2005 12:58:36 -0800, 
	Michael Spencer <mahs at> wrote:
> I experimented with some more re-organization, but I don't see away
> to attach the resulting file in the SF comments, so I'll post it
> here instead.

I've attached your file to the patch.  Some comments:

> \input{libstruct}   % also/better in File Formats?

Struct operates on string input and produces string output, so I think
it belongs in the string chapter where you've placed it.  We need to
add more cross-references, so File Formats should mention struct as a
related module.

> % Functions, Functional, Generators and Iterators
> \input{libitertools}
> \input{libfunctional}
> \input{liboperator}       % from runtime - better with itertools and functional

> % encoding stuff
> \input{libxdrlib}

XDR is really more similar to struct or marshal, I think, but on the
other hand it is an Internet RFC (#1014).   Not sure where it should go...

> \input{libsomeos}               % Optional Operating System Services
> \input{libselect}
> \input{libthread}
> \input{libthreading}
> \input{libdummythread}
> \input{libdummythreading}
> \input{libmmap}
> \input{libreadline}
> \input{librlcompleter}

> \input{libunix}                 % UNIX Specific Services
> \input{libposix}
> \input{libpwd}
> \input{libspwd}
> \input{libgrp}
> \input{libcrypt}
> \input{libdl}
> \input{libtermios}
> \input{libtty}
> \input{libpty}
> \input{libfcntl}
> \input{libpipes}
> \input{libposixfile}
> \input{libresource}
> \input{libnis}
> \input{libsyslog}
> \input{libcommands}

> \input{internet}                % Internet Protocols

I wonder if the Internet chapter should be split into "HTTP/Web Tools"
(webbrowser, cgi, cgitb, httplib, urllib) and "Non-Web Protocols"
(ftplib, gopherlib, smtp, all the rest).

> \input{distutils}

Distutils should probably be in Program Frameworks.  Or it could just
have a chapter of its own, or maybe there are enough modules for an
"Application Support" chapter.


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