wxPython installation issues on Debian

Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Thu Dec 1 02:18:15 CET 2005

Robert Kern wrote:
> Although Ubuntu is a Debian derivative, it does have different packages.
> At the moment, Debian's default Python is 2.3 although one can also
> install Python 2.4, and most Python packages in Debian have been built
> for both (that's why I erroneously recommended installing the apparently
> nonexistant python2.4-wxgtk2.4). However, it appears that the maintainer
> of the Debian wxPython is not building packages for both Python 2.3 and
> 2.4. The maintainer of the Ubuntu wxPython package apparently is.

As far as I know, the maintainer of the wxPython package is the same (Ron) and 
Ubuntu just uses the upstream wxPython from Debian. However, I see above that 
you are referencing wxPython 2.4 and not 2.6. It is very possible that for 
wxPython 2.4, there is only a Python 2.3 package.

wxPython 2.4 is obsolete. If possible, wxPython 2.6 should be used. But, I don't 
know if it is available for Python 2.4 under Debian (or Ubuntu, for that matter).

Paul McNett

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