Question about start using ZServerSSL on win box...

Thomas G. Apostolou at
Wed Dec 7 16:05:43 CET 2005

Hello all,

Dear Ng Pheng Siong,
thank you for your great job with M2Crypto.

I have got and build 0.15 version on a win xp box recently and was reading
your "ZServerSSL HOWTO" document so that i can start using https,
xmlprc-over-https etc.

I have to tell that i have installed from Plone 2.0.5 binary for windows
witch comes with Zope 2.7.0 and Python 2.3.3 (i have patched as corrected for 2.3.5).

As reading your "ZServerSSL HOWTO" i suppose that the corresponding $ZOPE is
my "C:\Program Files\Plone 2\Zope\lib\python" because only there i can find
$ZOPE/ZServer. Correct me if i am wrong with this...

What i also need to know is that since i have installed so that Zope server
runs as a service what is the corresponding steps for me in the section
where you say :

  1.. Copy $ZSSL/ into $ZOPE.

  2.. Depending on your operating system, modify $ZOPE/start or
$ZOPE/start.bat to invoke $ZOPE/, instead of $ZOPE/ The files
$ZSSL/starts and $ZSSL/starts.bat serve as examples.

I do not have any $ZOPE/start or $ZOPE/start.bat or $ZOPE/, i only have
a file named PythonService.exe into "C:\Program Files\Plone 2\Zope\bin"

Do i HAVE to reinstall Plone and set it not to run as service?

Thank you in advance...

Thomas G. Apostolou

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