Python is incredible!

Tom Anderson twic at
Tue Dec 13 01:51:17 CET 2005

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, Tolga wrote:

> I am using Common Lisp for a while and nowadays I've heard so much about 
> Python that finally I've decided to give it a try becuase

You read, and you want to know why they switched?

> Python is not very far away from Lisp family.

That's an interesting assertion. LISP certainly had an influence on 
python, but i don't think it's really related - they're pretty different 
in fundamental ways.

On the other hand, i sort of see what you mean - it has this lightweight, 
magical feeling, a sense of effortless power, as LISP does.

> using Python is not programming, it IS a fun!

+1 QOTW.

> I'll be here!!!

Good to hear it - welcome!


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