Difference between ActivePython and Python.org

BartlebyScrivener rpdooling at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 18:17:43 CET 2005

I fretted about which to pick and have advised here that the difference
(if any) should be explained on the Python.org download page. I chose
ActiveState because I'm on Windows XP, which means that the Win32
Extensions get installed automatically, along with other goodies (the
PythonWin IDE, a pretty help file, etc).

If you look at the Python.org download page, the win32 extensions are a
separate download: "Windows users may also be interested in Mark
Hammond's win32all package, available from Sourceforge. win32all adds a
number of Windows-specific extensions to Python, including COM support
and the Pythonwin IDE."

I have never installed the Python.org binaries, maybe it has a whole
'nother set of goodies, but I'm sure someone here will jump in and
explain the difference, if any.

The ActiveState version lags behind for a month or two in versions,
probably so they can check to make sure everything works together, but
right now, both AS and PO are showing Python 2.4.2 


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