Wed Development - Dynamically Generated News Index

infidel02 at infidel02 at
Sun Dec 18 08:14:33 CET 2005

Hi to all,

I am somewhat somewhat new to Python, but apart from this I am just not
seeing lots of resources on what I am trying to do.  I have seen them
in other languages like PHP and ASP.

I am building a simple MySQL news database,  which would contain, a
headline, a date, main story(body) and a graphic associated with each
story.  I would like to generate an index of the pages in this database
( ie a news index with links to the articles) an to have a news
administrator upload and delete stories graphic etc.

I have read many articles on Python CGI programming and I have Googled
extensively, but have not seen any kind of examples of how this can be
done in Python.

I would be grateful for any assistance or pointers.


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