How do you create a custom QCursor in Python Qt?

Phil Thompson phil at
Fri Dec 2 17:19:55 CET 2005

On Friday 02 December 2005 3:31 pm, Steegg at wrote:
> I am a newcomer to using Python and Qt and the main problem that I have
> is the dearth of any example code or books describing the use of Python
> and Qt together.
> My current problem is that I want to create a custom cursor, from my
> understanding of it I need to create two "QBitmap"s, one of which will
> be the mask and then using these to create a "QCursor".
> I don't mine whether the "QBitmap"s are hardcoded in the source code or
> come from image files, just as long as I can create a new cursor:
> I have searched all the available code sources I can find:
>     Eric
>     Veus
>     Civil
>     Qomics
> for examples of how to create cursors but to no avail. So if amyone can
> tell me what I'm doing wrong, it would be much appreciated, here's my
> code:

How about looking at the example that comes with PyQt? It 
demonstrates the standard cursors and implements a custom cursor.


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