ActivePython and Amara

James fphsml at
Fri Dec 16 05:00:10 CET 2005

  You are practically asking the community to write your 4 line program
for you. Read Alex's post (first one in this thread, 2nd and 3rd
paragraphs) slowly and carefully again. If you understand the absolute
basics of Python, you would not be asking this question, nor the
previous one. You are trying to learn Python picecemeal, just enough to
write the next half a line of code at a time, and asking others to do
it for you. If you don't understand the basic Python data types (hint),
HTTP, XML, XPath or at least Regular Expressions, it is not the time
for you to write an RSS aggregator. You need to start with basics.

Please note that it is far simpler for me to give you your 1 line of
code to solve your problem than to type this lengthy post. But then I
would be giving you a fish, not teaching you to fish.

Start with simpler tutorials.

This is a great place to start. (It comes with your ActivePython

Another good one.

Make sure you read the easy tutorials till you understand most (or
better, all of) the Offical Python Tutorial.(It comes with your
ActivePython documentation)

Then go for (It comes with your ActivePython documentation)

Once you are done with these docs, we will be ready to talk.

Learning to program by building apps that you can actually use (as in
your RSS aggregator) is very fun. But it is very  bad process that
teaches you a number of habits that are hard to unlearn. I know because
I have been this route early on and have seen several others have
similar experiences.

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