Bitching about the documentation...

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Dec 5 23:59:40 CET 2005

rurpy at wrote:

> > The problem with marching in here and saying "fix the docs" is that you are
> > an unknown quantity (I certainly don't recognize your email address and as
> > far as I've seen you never sign your posts.
> I don't believe my name, etnic heritage, gender, age, employer or
> school, or part of the world I live in, have any bearing on the
> contents of my postings.

perhaps not, but it's not what you think that's important here.  and I sure
cannot find anything in your posts that I haven't seen before.  this is use-
net, after all; there's no shortage of anonymous posters hiding behind silly
nicknames who think they're somehow smarter than everyone else...

(and frankly, nobody takes people with or addresses
seriously ;-)


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