Favorite flavor of Linux? (for python or anything else)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Mon Dec 5 10:04:46 CET 2005

"BartlebyScrivener" wrote:

> Since it's a python board I'm most interested in the python
> implications. I thought you could use, say, a stable Debian
> distribution, and still download the newest version of Python
> to run on it.

works fine.

however, since applications shipped with the OS may depend on
the python version shipped with the OS, it's usually a good idea
to install newer releases with:

    $ make altinstall

instead of the usual "make install".

(altinstall does a standard install, but doesn't replace the "python"
command, so you have to use e.g "python2.4" to start the new inter-
preter.  code using just "python" will still run the standard version).

if you want to mix and match on a finer level, it's probably best to
do only local installs, and tweak the path as necessary.


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