General question about Python design goals

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Dec 1 17:09:14 CET 2005

Rick Wotnaz wrote:

> > Rick Wotnaz wrote:
> >
> >> I'm sure Antoon wouldn't object if lists were to be allowed as
> >> dictionary keys, which would eliminate the multiple castings for
> >> that situation. I wouldn't, either.
> >
> > so what algorithm do you suggest for the new dictionary im-
> > plementation?
> Beats the heck outta me. I seem to remember that Antoon supplied
> one awhile ago (for allowing lists to serve as dictionary keys,
> that is).

anyone has a pointer?  all I can remember is that people have posted
various "if the key is mutated, I don't care if the value can no longer
be found" proposals (besides the usual SEP variants, of course), but
Antoon's endless stream of "I claim that it be argued that" posts
makes it easy to miss things...


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