How to get started in GUI Programming?

D H i at j.k
Fri Dec 23 17:50:29 CET 2005

Kay Schluehr wrote:
> peter.mosley at wrote:
>>I am trying to learn GUI programming in Python, but have to confess I
>>am finding it difficult.
> Don't do it if you can prevent it.

What kind of helpful advice is that?

> Conclusion: if you are already familiar with BASIC I would just
> continue writing BASIC apps using VisualBasic dotNet, Windows Forms as
> the underlying GUI toolktit and VisualStudio as IDE. Forget the
> coolness factor of the language. Cool people never care a lot what
> other people think. If you finally want to glue assemblys/controls
> together in Python this is still possible with IronPython or
> Python-dotNet ( which is a CPython binding to the CLR, available at
> ).

So you recommend VB.NET on comp.lang.python, and then later publicly 
flame me for mentioning boo a year ago, as well as spew FUD about other
languages you don't like.  Doesn't the python community already have 
enough assholes as it is?

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