Developing a network protocol with Python

Laszlo Zsolt Nagy gandalf at
Wed Dec 14 09:55:33 CET 2005

>Try Pyro
>before rolling your own Python-specific protocol.
You are right. I wanted to use pyro before, because it is well tested 
and it has nice features.
Unfortunately, it is not good for me. :-(

I already have my own classes. My objects are in object ownership trees, 
and they are referencing to each other (weakly and strongly). These 
classes have their own streaming methods, and they can be pickled 
safely. This is something that pyro cannot handle. It cannot handle 
these ownership object trees with weak references. Pyro can distribute 
distinct objects only, and it uses an 'object naming scheme'. This is 
not what I want. My objects do not have a name, and I do not want to 
create 'technical names' just to force the Pyro style access. (Another 
problem is that I do not want to rewrite my classes and inherit them 
from the Pyro base object class.)

Thanks for the comment. I'm going to check the Pyro documentation again. 
I might find something useful.


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