PythonWin troubleshooting

chuck cmedcoff at
Tue Dec 13 04:00:02 CET 2005

Having problems with PythonWin on Windows XP SP1.  Shortly after
startup and trying to debug I see:

LoadBarState failed - LoadBarState failed (with win32 exception!)

Things go down hill quickly from there.  From there I see stuff like:

[Dbg]>>> Traceback (most recent call last):
line 111, in OnRClick
    apply(menu.AppendMenu, appendParams)
win32ui: ::AppendMenu failed - no error code is available

>From there out none of the menus or toolbars work.

This is on Windows/Python 2.4.2.  Both the ActiveState or regular
Windows distribution.  I've cleaned up any old Py*23 DLL's.
Uninstalled and re-installed several times.

Suggestions please.

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