Python on GP2X (Linux Based Handheld Console)

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Dec 15 12:42:38 CET 2005

Michael Sparks wrote:
> I hadn't seen any announcements regarding this, but there's a little
> device recently released called a GP2X which is a small dual CPU
> (2x200Mhz) device which runs Linux.
> Anyway, I thought there might be someone in here interested to hear
> that python AND pygame have both been ported to it already (not by
> me). I've also ported some of our code to it (the bouncing cats demo
> I've shown at a couple of python conferences), and found it really nice
> to work with so far. The cats bounce at an acceptable (to me)
> framerate :-)

But is the rate at which they bounce truly acceptable *to them*?



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