Parser or regex ?

Tim Arnold tiarno at
Fri Dec 16 16:21:34 CET 2005

"Fuzzyman" <fuzzyman at> wrote in message 
news:1134743933.931635.77490 at
> Hello all,
> I'm writing a module that takes user input as strings and (effectively)
> translates them to function calls with arguments and keyword
> pass a list I use a sort of 'list constructor' - so the
> syntax looks a bit like :
>   checkname(arg1, "arg 2", 'arg 3', keywarg="value",
> keywarg2='value2', default=list("val1", 'val2'))
> Worst case anyway :-)

pyparsing is great, easy to configure and very powerful--I think it looks 
like a great tool for your inputs.


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